Safety and Occupational Health

Serbian Roll Service Company LLC applied management system OH&S, in compliance with international standard OHSAS 18001: 2007 (OH&S) in order to increase ability of managing OH&S risks and improve OH&S performance. Management system OH&S included processes that provides services of processing and coating metals by hard chroming products/work rolls, which are used in metallurgy industry in the production process of steel cold rolling mills and non-ferrous cold rolling mills and that meet customer demands and requirements of relevant regulations.
SRSC LLC applied management system OH&S in order to:

  • eliminate or reduce the risk to employees and other interested parties who may be exposed to OH&S risks associated with their activities;
  • protect the interests of SRSC LLC and minimize business risk;
  • implementation, maintenance and improvement of OH&S management;
  • maintain and continuous improvement of management system OH&S;
  • ensuring compliance with OH&S policy and to demonstrate this compliance of others;
  • certificate of OH&S management system with the external organization.

SRSC LLC works regularly with its employees to raise their awareness of the importance of safety and health at work, with constant repeating necessary training in this area for their employees as well as regular updates on the most important aspects of safe operation, both through regular weekly meetings so called “Safety Contact” and through non-stop video presentations safety warnings on the TV screen placed in the production plant of SRSC.


SRSC LLC following corporate values of mother company CHL-Canada, is highly responsible regarding environment protection considering the usage of hazardous chemicals at hard chrome plating process that is completely controlled.

SRSC LLC plant was built according to the highest world standards for this kind of industry, that ensures safe and healthy working environment:

  • entire plant floor was covered with chemical resistant epoxy coating,
  • quite large and 6 m deep chrome pit has very tick walls (0,8 m) and is coated with epoxy paint wich is preventing any potential leakage of harmful chemicals directly into the ground.
  • plant is equipped with powerfull ventilation system that ensures fresh air recirculation constantly, in both directions – from the outside to the inside and vice versa.

As a side effect of the hard chrome plating process, chrome fumes are safely treated and absorbed by a Scrubber system – special evaporation equipment where chrome particles are being broken by the DI water high pressure through three stages (Droplet separator, Horizontal pulverization Scrubber and Radial Demister).
Scrubber efficiency is proven because at the exit of Radial Demister concentration of harmful chrome six fumes (Cr6+) ensures clean air emission to the values that are far below the EU standards (≤ 0,015 mg/m3).

SRSC applies quite frequently environment conditions monitoring (min. 2 per year), by measuring clean air emission at the Scrubber unit, and by controlling plant interior working conditions in order to protect employees health.

One of SRSC priorities is successful management of industrial waste that is generating during the production process – by grinding and hard chrome plating, where all the waste (solid and liquid) is properly handled, stored, labeled and disposed to authorized recycle centers for further treatment.