Of the day December 9th 2010 in the midst of challenging and intensive five months construction work at building a new plant for processing rolls SRSC LLC inside the hall of the Cold Rolling Mill U.S.Steel Serbia LLC, it was performed a trial chrome plating of the first test DCR work roll.

Thanks to the synchronized joint work of all subcontractors on the construction and installation the equipment for both operations – hard chrome plating line and the most modern CNC grinding Herkules machine – in difficult conditions and despite certain aggravating circumstances surrounding the whole building process, it is nevertheless respected an original deadline to start using chrome plating line at the beginning of the month December.

Exactly, that’s happened, of the day December 9th 2010 it was successfully conducted the first trial chrome plating of the work roll from the DCR rolling line, where general manager of the SRSC LLC Boban Rajkovich would like to indicates special thanks to his colleagues from the Canadian group Court Holdings Limited who assisted in realization of this project: Craig Noble manager of the sister company Chrome Deposit Corporation Weirton in United States, Rod Bar manager of also sister company Roll Surface Technology in Canada, Jean-Christophe Descamps general manager of the French sister company Nord Chrome as well as to Georges Penzes a director of the Nord Chrome subsidiary in French city of Florange which provided initial training to the management and first employees of SRSC LLC during the first start days of the production plant.

Also, a special thanks goes to Nathan Gabany from the contractor company IST in Canada as well as to the chief designer of the main contractor company GLOBEX LLC from Smederevo Dragan Stevanovich (both in the picture with GM Boban Rajkovich and the first employees of SRSC LLC, Radomir Mandich and Darko Maletich).